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Lichsy's Ice Hockey School

What does Lichsy's Ice Hockey School offer?

1 on 1 goalie lessons

1 on 1 player lessons

2 on 1 goalie lessons (most common)

2 on 1 player lessons (most common)

All the goalie and player lessons will be on a mini synthetic ice rink located in State College, PA.


The training area is pictured on this page. 

The goalie lessons will have a strong focus on the fundamentals of goaltending.

T-Pushes and Shuffles

Butterfly technique

Rotation while in the butterfly 

Recovering to your feet quickly and with proper technique so you are ready for the next save

Watching the puck into your gloves

Proper stick saves

Reverse RVH practice 

Active hands

Tips and screens

Rebound control 

The player lessons will have a strong focus on shooting, stick handling, and small area edge work.

Shooting technique

Stickhandling technique

Passing and catching passes on forehand and backhand

Catching passes with you feet

Quick releases 

Small area edge work 

Becoming comfortable/trusting your outside edge (arguably the most important skill for a player)

Why should you attend Lichsy's Ice Hockey School?

At Lichsy's Ice hockey School, you won't only learn ice hockey skills. You will learn many mental skills that will help you succeed in ice hockey and most importantly life.

I put a strong emphasis on

A positive/can-do attitude 

Hard work



These mental skills were the driving factor in me attaining my goal of playing NCAA D1 hockey. They are what drives me today in my engineering and coaching career. 

Matthew Erlichman playing ice hockey goalie vs Robert Morris University
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